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I remembered that I last posted about this leng chai (handsome) guy is about a month ago. Very quickly Kate Tsui said..."I can help you" with shortness of breath. Time time round, a little bit of gossip on Ron Ng and Kate Tsui Tze Shan.

The producer of the drama, Lam Chi Wah, referred to Tsui's role in Highs and Lows as the greatest breakthrough in her career and applauded her for setting down her image as a beauty pageant winner to dive into such a complex character in the drama.The role at last earned her the Favourite Female Character award for the TVB Anniversary Awards 2012.Tsui was also nominated in the Best Actress category and was one of the top 5 finalists for the award.2012 is arguably Tsui's peak year in her TV career.In Highs and Lows, Tsui portrays an extremely tragic character that struggled with substance abuse, gang rape, and eventually, drug dealing.

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