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The first map of PUBG called Erangel is an island with many forests, fields, mountains, lakes, etc.There is also a bunch of houses, small barns, abandoned buildings where you can collect useful items that will help you survive.You may see the trailers to estimate the high level of water texture’s development.

The crates start off at 1200 Battle Points for each but the moment you purchase a crate, its price goes up by 1200 Battle Points.Unlike Erangel, the new desert map will be smaller.According to the official news, the new location will occupy only 4 square kilometers, but it will be sufficiently filled with various objects. One of the level designers of this new map is Sean Wiederhof who previously worked on several AAA games like Call of Duty, We Happy Few and other visually stunning projects.So, basically you need to learn the map by heart in order to understand quickly where you have landed and where to run from this point.You are to hurry up – because 99 opponents are breathing down your neck.

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