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Research also suggests registries do little to protect communities and often create ongoing misery for some who served their sentences and are unlikely to re-offend. In his old neighborhood, he was harassed by other residents who once put up flyers about him.

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But she now advocates revisiting the laws, saying some juveniles and others who made mistakes are unnecessarily tarred for decades or life.

The stress of it all destroyed his marriage, he and his wife say.

Even some early advocates have changed their minds about registries, including Patty Wetterling, the mother of Jacob Wetterling, who went missing when he was 11 and was never found.

Shaun Webb was convicted of a misdemeanor after a 15-year-old girl charged that he groped her breast.

He denies the allegation and has spent the last 10 years trying to hold down employment and battling the stigma attached with being labeled a sex offender.

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