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Maurizio was also convicted for possession of child pornography. Elwood Figurelle In 2003, Figurelle was the subject of a federal investigation and arrest for possession of child pornography. The Grand Jury concluded that "Little is a master manipulator" who attempted to seperate the victim from his family and friends.In an FBI interview, Figurelle admitted to being "fascinated with male genitalia" and admitted he had viewed materials depicting nude prepubescent boys on several hundred occasions. Witnesses recall Little whispering into the victim's ears during family gatherings and visits. Joseph Bender The Grand Jury concluded that Bender was a serial child predator who actively offended throughout the majority of his ministry within the Diocese of Altoona-Johnstown.

Mc Camly is also alleged to have touched another boy's thighs and body but was rebuffed after attempted to put his hand into the victim's pants.It is believed the abuse continued into the child's teens.Strittmatter also allegedly abused an 8-year old girl. John Boyle The Grand Jury found evidence of a long string of sexual abuse by Boyle.One victim reported having his gentials fondled while in confession, another boy reported that Mc Caa grabbed the boy's penis in front of other victims and said, "if you ever use this I'm going to rip it off".Sometimes Mc Caa would push his finger into the anuses of boys before sending them off to engage in church functions.

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