Shes hesitant about dating

I have been on my own since college when I left my dysfunctional family behind, so maybe I'm making too much out of joining a multi-generational household. 1 1 Doesn't Equal 2A: I feel like I'm answering a movie plot here, so I'm going to post this and duck.You have two issues, not just the never-my-home one. at all." I'm not saying that can't work, but you at least have to think really, really hard about what it will take to make it work before you sign up for it.

I don't know, it could be a lot of's hard to dismiss a statement like this.

He loves the farm and when his dad died a few years ago, he stayed on to help Vicki run things.

I'm a reporter and we met when I interviewed him for a story about the farm-to-table phenomenon.

I have no interest in the farm at all, so it will still be Steve and Vicki running it together after our marriage.

Vicki is only in her 50s, so things are not going to change much for the foreseeable future.

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