Single parent dating west virginia

Plus, you’ll develop meaningful friendships with other single parents, who, like you, are tired of hectic mornings and chaotic evenings, the kids fighting, and a never-ending to-do list. When finances are a little tight, it’s good to know that there are several Government Assistance Programs out there that can lend single mothers a helping hand when they need it most. SNAP food assistance ( government grants ) for single mothers The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program is aimed towards helping low-income families, single moms and individuals by providing them with assistance for buying food.Medicaid Medicaid is a Federal medical assistance program that aims to assist low-income families and those who do not have sufficient medical insurance.Medicaid eligibility guidelines differ from State to State, and as such, is administered by each individual state.

Alternatively, visit the website for more information on single mother assistance.For application requirements, contact your State or Local LIHEAP Office.LIHEAP also has contact center that can assist you with your queries.To find out more about the program or to apply for free help, contact Laura Klein at the Federal Government Pro Bono Program by sending an email to Laura. Head Start and Early Head Start / Childcare grants The U.S Department of Health and Human Services offers a federally funded Head Start program which aims at assisting children up to the age of 5 with school readiness programs.

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    By faxing or posting your application form it may delay the registration process by one to two weeks.

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