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Manufacturing midpoint estimates, and the beginning and ending manufacturing dates from which they are computed, come from documentary evidence on the ceramic industry.Here we offer two different mean ceramic date queries.In 1811, “rural residents of East Florida” banded together to wrest control of the colony away from Spain for the United States (Stowell 1996).

Kingsley was a wealthy shipbuilder and slave trader who had lost his previous plantation on the St Johns River, Laurel Grove, to Seminole raiders during the Rebellion.The weights are the frequencies of the respective types in the assemblages.Types represented by more sherds have greater influence in the calculation.For the past four years, a University of Florida field team has conducted archaeological excavations at Kingsley Plantation, located in the National Park Service’s Timucuan Ecological and Historic Preserve, in Duval County, Florida.Kingsley Plantation was active in the early nineteenth-century and the excavations have focused primarily on the slave quarters from this period in an attempt to reconstruct the daily lives of their inhabitants.

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