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And less than one third of those who have been in an abusive relationship confided in a parent about it. ESPECIALLY IN TOUGH TIMES Of the teens whose families have gone through economic problems this past year, 44 percent report witnessing abusive behavior between their parents.And 67 percent of those same teens have experienced some form of dating abuse (versus 45 percent of those who haven't witnessed abuse between their parents).Michele, 40, feels lucky to be alive, having escaped an abusive relationship in her teens.Now she's a licensed counselor and has worked with both victims and perpetrators of domestic violence.

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Still, there are more battles to fight to protect our teens from abuse. — wrote in with heartwarming and sometimes heartbreaking stories of surviving abuse; of helping a friend or sister or daughter escape abuse; of working to end domestic violence through your jobs or volunteer positions as counselors, nurses, or teachers; and of being a concerned citizen, mother, daughter, or friend.Some of you have worked with senators and the National Foundation for Women Legislators and spoken at press conferences to help get legislation passed.Carolyn, 53, helped her daughter, Phylicia, get out of a four-year abusive relationship, and now the two are dedicated to helping others going through the same thing.In New York, Action Leader Kim Davidson, 47, is working with State Senator George Maziarz and Assemblywoman Francine Del Monte to advocate for the Kari Ann Gorman Act — named for Kim's daughter, who was killed at age 18 by an abusive boyfriend, in 2008.

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