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There are sound historical reasons for this: Long before Taiwan became the affluent society it is today, events like gods’ birthdays and pilgrimages were colourful distractions from daily life.

For ordinary people until well after World War II, festivals and family events like weddings were the only opportunities they had to feast, relax and travel to the next town.

Because Neiman was then dangerously close to aborigines who occasionally raided ethnic Chinese villages, military skills passed down from father to son were useful useful.

Battle-array members are expected to uphold core values such as physical strength, loyalty and mutual support.

Whether they’re engaged in ritualised dueling (swords may be used against axes, and umbrellas may be deployed in fights against those wielding hoes) or drilling, you can expect to see impressive coordination, suppleness and speed.

The Qixi Coming-of-Age Ceremony grew out of a coming-of-age rite that’s been celebrated in Tainan on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month each year since the 18th century.

Christianity’s opposition to ancestor worship is one reason why the faith hasn’t gained much ground in Taiwan.

Several major celebrations, such as Lantern Festival, build on customs migrants brought with them from the Chinese mainland.

Lantern Festival concludes the Lunar New Year season, and gets its name from the colourful lanterns which bedeck temples and streets.

In the days of yore, these lanterns were made of paper and bamboo, so small a child could carry one, and illuminated by a burning wick.

Thanks to technology, they’ve grown much bigger and better.

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