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As teen years approach, many confident girls turn into sullen shells. For starters, parents can take time to understand what their daughters are going through.“One of the overriding messages for girls is that if they’re confident, they’re conceited,” says Catherine Steiner-Adair, Ed D, director of the Eating Disorders Education and Prevention, Mc Lean Hospital; clinical instructor, Department of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School.“If she brings it up, she wants to talk with you about it,” says Deak.

In one recent study, two groups of fifth graders received two different kinds of praise after taking an IQ test.If your daughter is putting herself as risk, it’s time for you to step in as a parent.“Just do so in a way that lets her know she can always talk to you,” says Deak.As a mother, Bacon supported her daughter as best she could. I saw her suffer deeply.” Though the situation at school was unexpected and hurtful, Bacon’s daughter ran for class president again -- and won again -- the following year.As your daughter gets older, she’ll likely encounter pressures she’s never faced before.

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