Teen sex chatbot

And how are they supposed to figure out what’s true and what’s not? You can personalize your experience by selecting from a list of gender options, which include female, male, trans man, trans woman, non-binary, name your own, or you can skip that completely and just start asking questions or select questions from a list if you’re not sure what to ask.

The chatbot will continue to evolve and be able to answer more questions on additional topics as more people interact with it, according to Planned Parenthood.

The chatbot will answer immediately, drawing from Planned Parenthood’s database of facts, statistics, and resources related to sexual health, which are compiled and updated in-house by the health nonprofit in collaboration with academics and researchers.

Frequently asked questions are listed to users at the onset. “There are many ways to express your gender identity, and however you express your gender is totally valid. It can help to talk things through with a parent or other adult you trust who you think will be supportive of you.”If Roo doesn’t know the answer to a query, it will ask the user to rephrase the question or suggest other resources on the issue that may be helpful.

These include: Users can also browse topics: bodies, relationships, masturbation, sex, pregnancy, birth control, sexual orientation and gender, health services and cost, and symptoms. Roo has a built-in autocomplete component that can often predict a question related to sexual health based on the first few letters or words such as, “How do I know … For serious issues, Roo will ask if a user wants to be connected to a health educator.

The chatbot can then connect expert and user via text or instant-message, if they so wish.

“That’s why Roo is a useful resource for teenagers who may be uncomfortable talking about these topics in person, especially if they don’t yet have a relationship with a health care provider they trust.”Roo is friendly and easy to use. Planned on a smartphone (or text “Roo” to 22422) to access the service, which resembles a text message with a purple smiley face — or a “squish little teddy bear,” described Ambreen Molitor, senior director of Digital Products Lab at Planned Parenthood, who helped developed the app from its inception.

“We didn’t personify it into a human,” said Molitor, who found a robotic persona was less likely to project judgment or stigma.

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Another employee edits the text to ensure Roo answers in a consistently “friendly, welcoming, non-gendered, nonjudgmental” tone, said Molitor.Since Roo’s launch, for example, many users have requested information on anatomy, which as a result is now a subject that Molitor and her team are building out.Roo is confidential — no personal information like name, phone number, email, or location is required for its use.After every question-and-answer exchange, the chatbot links to other resources on this issue.Roo, by virtue of its programming and design, can also be a reassuring influence on a concerned young person. All they want to know is that they’re normal,” said Molitor. to understand yourself more.’”This message can be especially comforting for LGBTQ youth, many of whom look to the internet and social media for information about their identity and a sense of community.

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