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Lots of times, teens do not even realize that their relationship is abusive.

So here are a few guidelines: kind of violence is abuse!

October is National Domestic Violence Awareness month and the Alliance Against Family Violence is doing a rock hunting challenge.

We will be hiding our AAFV painted rocks all around Leavenworth County to raise awareness for domestic violence.

If your partner punches, pinches, hits, shoves, slaps, kicks, bites or burns you (or causes you physical harm in any other way)—you are experiencing abusive violence.

If your partner is calling you nasty names or shaming you—you’re being emotionally or verbally abused.

That’s according to Choose Respect, a national initiative to help adolescents and young teens age 11-14 form healthy relationships to prevent dating abuse.

Every student, parent and teacher needs to be aware of the prevalence of teen dating violence in the US.

Facts and Statistics: Unhealthy relationship behaviors often start early and lead to a lifetime of abuse.

TDAA volunteers are a dynamic group of people who have been trained to go into high school classrooms within Essex County to make students aware of the warning signs of an abusive relationship, safely end an abusive relationship and know where to go for help.

Two volunteers, one Presenter and one Assistant, are needed for each class.

If your partner threatens to spread nasty rumors about you if you don’t have sex with him/her—you are being abused.

If you are being stalked by a partner or former partner, you should take this seriously and consider it a form of abuse. You need to get help because this kind of abuse can lead to great physical harm or even death.

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