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For those who didn’t see this as my photo of the week a while back each line represent luck in a different aspect of life – love, friendship, wealth etc A pretty good meaning I think and one that will definitely resonate throughout my travels!Unfortunately I couldn’t get it in the traditional position of the left shoulder blade – that spot is already taken – so I opted for my ribs, which by all accounts is one of the most painful spots, great!

- helps you find the right local businesses to meet your specific needs.

And for someone who can’t keep himself out of the ocean for long it’s perfect as the whole thing is healed within 12 hours and doesn’t bleed, compared with about 2 weeks out of the water for a normal piece of ink!

You can’t really argue with that when you’re relaxing on a tropical island surrounded by tempting ocean! If you’re looking at getting a bamboo design done during your travels in Asia I don’t blame you, just make sure you think through the following points so you don’t end up regretting it!

The theme of 2019 is "Songs that Heal" and the entrants have showered us with music that does exactly that!

Come experience some musical delights at this year's VIC/TAS Semi Final (14th Sept 2019 @ The Toff In Town).

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