The art of dating fanfiction

Her internal conflict results in her acting strange around her friends and ultimately breaks up with Lucas.

But how long will she be able to keep her secret from him before it all blows up in their faces? Before you start reading my new multi-chaptered fic, let me just get some things across.

Topanga gazed at Lucas from the kitchen with a smile before turning to her husband."What? And how they won't let anything get in the way of their relationship."Topanga paused."Actually, wait, forget that last part.

That doesn't remind me of us," she continued."What do you mean?

"You like hanging out with him, you should be thanking me that you got time to spend with him."Auggie responded by sticking his tongue out at her.

Riley chuckled and then turned to her boyfriend."Let's go, babe," Riley said."Yes, princess," Lucas answered.

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"We overcame that obstacle.""True.""And just because they won't let anything get in the way of their relationship doesn't mean that it won't happen," Cory replied, taking his attention off the paper to look at his wife."Can you just be supportive of our daughter's relationship? He always thought that Auggie was a lot wiser than his age told him to be.Cory, on the other hand, had to play the overprotective father role to make sure that Lucas knew his boundaries when it came to Riley."Hi, Lucas," The two greeted in unison."Hi, Mr. "And I've liked you since Cory told me about you.""I would've thought that Riley would've told you about me first," Lucas remarked."You two are lovely parents, Riley's lucky to have you."Topanga smiled and gave Lucas a quick hug. The relationship he shared with her daughter was reminiscent of her relationship with Cory."And we're lucky Riley has you! "Riley and I are going to go out for dinner before we head to the movies.""Alright, just let me know if you want a glass of water or something," Topanga offered before going to the kitchen."I'm gonna continue grading tests," Cory said.Lucas would even offer that Auggie tag along when he would go out with Riley, which Auggie appreciated.Auggie's close relationship with Lucas assured him that Lucas wasn't stealing Riley from him, a recurring fear when someone got to close to his sister.

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