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If that sounds like a lot, it's not compared to other festivals.Tennessee's Bonnaroo festival registrations were 300 times higher than normal and at Alabama's Hangout Music Festival, they were 30 times greater.Users on the 15,000-member Firefly Music Festival Fan Page on Facebook reacted the news mostly with jokes about sexually transmitted diseases with many referencing reports of a herpes breakout that occurred at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in California last month.For the record, TMZ's article "COACHELLA HERPES SPIKE!!!The consequences of sexually transmitted diseases can be frightful and, if left untreated, some STDs can lead to infertility.At Solace Women’s Center in Conroe, Texas, Farly Sejour, MD, FACOG, offers advanced STD testing to help you take care of your reproductive health and sexual wellness.Our OBGYNs, at New Beginnings, care for women at each-and-every stage of their lives with compassionate care and understanding.

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We serve patients in Conroe, Tx along with The Woodlands, Magnolia, Spring, Willis, and Montgomery.You can also transmit some STDs, such as hepatitis, through blood. Sejour discusses different methods to protect you against an STD and provides effective STD testing.The sooner you detect an STD, the lesser your chances of developing complications are.If you have concerns or are due for a test, call Solace Women’s Center or click to use the online scheduling system.STDs, or sexually transmitted diseases, are medical conditions you typically contract through sexual activity without proper protection.

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