Tips on dating single moms

In fact, 10 percent of mothers even reported taking their child on a date with them, which is likely to become a growing trend, because, let’s be real, childcare is expensive.Of course, the cardinal rule is this: just be yourself and have fun!67.6% are divorced, 16.1% are widowed, and 16.3% were never married.

If you’re a single mother, particularly one over a certain age, that might not sound a very promising statistic for your dating life. Given how prevalent it is today, single motherhood doesn’t have the same social stigma that it once carried.Seeing ourselves through the lies that lie within us, lies most often imposed upon us through trauma, creates a distorted view of who and what we truly are. No, we have not always been treated as such, and we certainly have not always treated ourselves or others this way, yet the time to start is .I have known people who never spent one day or night in prison, yet have sentenced themselves to a lifetime of incarceration by rejecting anything good, and sabotaging any beauty attempting to enter their lives by rejecting it.When they are given a compliment, they reject it instead of simply saying thank you.When they are told they are handsome, beautiful, lovable, forgiven, and intelligent, they feel good for a moment, but soon after they take the compliment and affirmation of their greatness and rip it to shreds. Because the barbwires and broken pieces of lies within them created a self-mutilating minefield that shreds compliments and affirmations of greatness before they can fully digest and awaken the ancient memory that love created them exactly like itself, and restore their thinking and vision to see the Holiness that they will always be.

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