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Expenses do not include food, alcohol, venue of mixer or hotel stay. To receive Patti Stanger as your personal matchmaker (along with an assistant matchmaker) there is an additional fee of a minimum of ,000 on top of a Millionaire Matchmaker Membership Package.

Now, the 37-year-old mom is dating Kolton, a 23-year-old aspiring hip-hop artist — and her friends and family don’t exactly approve of the relationship.Now, they have a son together, but are they ready to get married?Founded by Patti Stanger in January 2000, Millionaire's Club is the most expensive millionaire dating site in the world.Gentille and Brian: Gentille is a successful real estate investor in Las Vegas, while blue collar Brian lives paycheck-to-paycheck.These two fell in love after she hired him to work on one of her developments, but her friends aren’t sure about Brian’s true intentions.

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