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For many programs, more general courses will be taken in first year while "program specific courses" begin in year two.

Some universities such as University of Toronto require admission separate from initial admission from high school into specific programs based on internal standards achieved in first year (i.e. There are eight public universities in Alberta, eleven public colleges, two polytechnical institutes (which grant degrees), and seven private colleges (all of which grant degrees).

Degree programs generally last three to four years, though some programs may take longer to complete due to cooperative education (Co-op) programs or joint programs with colleges which are touted for offering practical experience.

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Universities Canada, an organisation composed of Canadian universities, defines universities as degree-granting institutions, i.e.There are four universities in Calgary: the University of Calgary, Ambrose University, Mount Royal University, and the Alberta University of the Arts.The University of Lethbridge is based out of Lethbridge but also has a campus in Calgary.Athabasca University, a distance learning university, has been based out of Athabasca since 1970.Established in 1907 in Leduc, the independent publicly funded Burman University in Lacombe is the oldest university in Alberta.

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