Updating forklift licence queensland

Peter Whiffen, a mechanical engineer by trade, started designing and manufacturing forklift attachments & bespoke lifting solutions.

As demand grew for the rental of these attachments to be supplied with forklifts, Adaptalift Forklift Rentals & Sales was born.

No testing is required to renew a HRW licence if the above requirements are met. Im in the process of renewing mine at the moment ive just noticed its expired by a couple of months and what sux is that Workcover will only post the renewal forms they wont email them and you cant pick them up from a workcover office or post office so I now have a 4 day gap of my license being invalid and apparently logbooks are now not legal.

Im sure I wont be the only one not being able to receive by email is ridiculous.

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Founded by Peter Whiffen & Margret Whiffen in 1982, Adaptalift started as Forklift Engineering Australia.Ask a question about Industry Licencing for towies,pilot vehicles or traffic controllers and they look at you like you just landed from Mars.......Trained my ass, just went there and asked them about the form and they didnt have the slightest clue what I was talking about, they couldnt even speak english properly and they are running an Australia post branch. Then what I'd do (if you haven't already) is call Workcover NSW on 13 10 50. Should be the same to renew in any state as it's a national licence. Renewing your HRW forklift licence must be done every 5 years.The form should be called Licence to Perform High Risk Work. Otherwise go to the Worksafe/Workcover website here risk work It tells you how you can renew it.You can call Workcover NSW on 13 10 50 to get more information.

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