Updating global snapshot files

Example: An array of regexp pattern strings that are matched against all file paths before executing the test.If the file path matches any of the patterns, coverage information will be skipped. Use the string token to include the path to your project's root directory to prevent it from accidentally ignoring all of your files in different environments that may have different root directories.Default: An array of glob patterns indicating a set of files for which coverage information should be collected.If a file matches the specified glob pattern, coverage information will be collected for it even if no tests exist for this file and it's never required in the test suite.When clients get the notifications, they update client-side Snap Realm hierarchy, link files under “/1/2/3/” to the new Snap Realm and generate a If you delete a snapshot, a similar process is followed.

updating global snapshot files-17

If you want to delete local snapshots manually, turn off Time Machine temporarily: Time Machine saves one snapshot of your startup disk approximately every hour, and keeps it for 24 hours.

In the MDS, we generate snapshot-representing dentries as part of the regular process for flushing them.

Dentries with outstanding Inode with multiple hard links is moved to a dummy global Snap Realm.

Generally, snapshots do what they sound like: they create an immutable view of the filesystem at the point in time they’re taken.

There are some headline features that make Ceph FS snapshots different from what you might expect: , which notifies all clients with caps on files under “/1/2/3/”, about the new Snap Realm.

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