Updating ipod driver

The problem appeared to be corrupted firmware returning a string to Pn P that was not recognized.

The Apple i Pod Shuffle is a small, portable MP3 player that comes free of a display screen and most selection options.

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Like other i Pods, you need to keep the software and drivers for the device up-to-date, making it extremely important to download the updates to your computer, when they are made available. Once the scan has finishes, a prompt window appears, stating an update for the device is available.I have noticed that Windows hangs when it is attached, and I have had timeouts on the driver install.I'm planning to go into my local Apple store next week, but I wonder if even their Geniuses understand Windows drivers and Pn P.I also plan to hammer it this weekend, since it should be a user solution. Slight update: OK, so Windows 10 Pn P returns a Device Identification String which it matches to a device in the "Models" section of the INF file. Now the INF file is from the latest Apple drivers, so is the i Pod screwed enough to be returning a DIS that matches to a USB device but not an i Pod?Going to look at resertting the i Pod a few more times.

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