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The installation of Sabayon is pretty straightforward.If you’ve installed any normal binary distribution before, you can install Sabayon.

Overall the system seems fairly stable minus the one KDE hiccup, and the Entropy package manager seems powerful and intuitive; a pleasure to use really.

A little slower, but I attribute most of that to KDE to be frank, KDE running on this Hard Disk was probably not my best choice when thinking in terms of optimal speed; perhaps I will switch to MATE down the road; albeit KDE does have some lovely features.

So far I’m impressed with Sabayon, and I think it definitely deserves a good shot at becoming my daily driver.

Fortunately, it is not difficult to fix this, and below is the procedure I use to get a Sabayon Linux guest to share folders with a Linux host.

Let us say that your username in the host OS is ‘ is on a separate partition, make sure it is mounted. Use the usual Entropy package manager commands to bring the guest OS installation up to date and to install the latest Sabayon Linux kernel image (see one of my earlier posts), then reboot the VM. In the directory ‘ suffix to the directory name in the guest OS, and it stands for ‘shared folder’. In file managers such as GNOME’s Nautilus, MATE’s Caja, LXDE/LXQt’s PCMan FM and Xfce’s Thunar you should see the folder Some Sabayon Linux users do not know the particulars of the Linux kernel installation or how to upgrade the kernel image.

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