Updating trainz asset database this may take several minutes Horny mature girls chats no login

Create a Cosmos DB account with the Create Account ' ' icon on the Explorer toolbar or with the Cosmos DB: Create Account command in the Command Palette ().

Create a new scrapbook from the Cosmos DB Explorer or with the Cosmos DB: New Mongo Scrapbook command.To log into Azure, use the Sign in to Azure command in the Cosmos DB Explorer or Azure: Sign In from the Command Palette ().You will then sign into your account using the Device Login flow. Paste in the access code and continue the sign in process.Enter a connection string to the database, the default is your local Mongo DB server at Once attached, you can work with the Mongo DB server, managing Mongo DB Databases, Collections and Documents.You can Open Collection to see the raw JSON Collection or click on individual Mongo DB Documents to see just their JSON.

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