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All goes well with install using a slipstreamed XP-Pro SP3 disk but I notice it never asks for the Product Key during install yet it Activates itself during one of the boots and I think little of it until ... ) I notice Windows Defender doesn't seem to run or leave itself installed.

As it is running on my laptop figured I just download it.

If I recall correctly - it was something to do with some kind of list. I tried to paste new column from another file where the column is working as I want...

How to replace the last digit in a cell with a letter My cells in a column are filled with amounts for which I have to change the last digit into a letter. if last digit is 1 and the amount is positive it should be changed into an A if it's negative it should be changed in a J If the last digit is 2 and the amount is positive it should be changed into a B, if it's negative it should be changed into a K.

Search a range of cells for a specific word I want to search every cell in a column until I get to a cell that has a sentence that starts with the word "Disclaimer:" How would I write code for that?

Use edit sentence that starts with the word "Dis...excel cell borders Have Office 2000 on PC & Office X on Mac.

However when you sav and reopen the workbook "sometimes" it reopens allowing the user t select both locked cells as well as unlocked cells.

It is in US dollar and I need it to convert Canadian dollars. I just want to delete the cells and shift to the left but it doesn't give me that option. Enable Events = True End If End If End If End With End Sub -- HTH. FWIW, the data validation is based on a named range. When I've set up data validation in the past, the selection is the same width as the cell. I also notice that no matter how wide or tall I make a cell it always start typing in the lower left corner, if that has anything to do with it. If you change the formula to read "=IF(A2="","", A2)", it will only show a value if there is a value in A2. "Bret" wrote: Validation list is larger than the cell width I have a workbook that I've just added data validation to one cell.Hi all, We have these excel sheets for registering worked hours. I am using NITF DTD for this and there is no Doc Type element in it. Repeatedly clicking in other cells continues to select cells instead of clearing the current selection. Hi see: Regards Frank Kabel Frankfurt, Germany "valanddel" In Microsoft Excel 2003 (Windows X...searching a cell for a contained text word Is it possible to search a cell for a key word or words contained in text made of multiple words enabling the user to than create a pivot table using the collected key word or words as data?Is there a way so that on input is checked what values are entered so that they only can enter values ending with .0 or .25 or .5 or .75 Txs in advance Michael Hi Michael I hate bothering my users with messageboxes, so here's a macro that rounds entries in column B by itself. Doug K ...zeros in cells I need to put zero's in all empty cells on a form I have. The help says to check the box but it is not highlited. F5Change the number of charaters in a cell by adding a zero to the beginning I have a column with a mix of eight and nine character lengths.

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