Validating process

These are known as factor loadings, and questions point back to the same elements should load into the same factors. Solid values to look for are factor loadings of 0.6 or above.You’ll occasionally run across questions that don’t appear to load onto any factors, which may necessitate a question removal or separate analysis.Step 1: Establish Face Validity This two-step process involves having your survey reviewed by two different parties.The first is a group familiar with your topic who can evaluate if your questions successfully capture your topic.If you run across a question that doesn’t neatly load onto a factor, you can choose to delete it.

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If it does, you may want to consider deleting the question from the survey.Unfortunately, validating a survey requires a lot more than that.Dave Collingridge noticed the same phenomenon when he was a social sciences graduate student unable to find a professor or other faculty member who would or could help him with survey validation.Step 3: Clean Collected Data Enter your collected responses into a spreadsheet to clean the data.Having one person read the values aloud and another entering them into the spreadsheet greatly reduces the risk of error.

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