Vampire diaries nina dobrev dating ian

Just prior to the announcement, Ian confirmed his engagement to his girlfriend, actress Nikki Reed. Nina and Nikki were friends before the latter started dating Ian.

Many speculated that Nina was hurt by the new relationship but Nina insisted, “When I heard about the wedding, I thought it was beautiful.

He’s a great person, I’m a great person…I mean, I think I’m pretty awesome.

So it doesn’t need to be awkward and I think everyone expected it to be so awkward.

The star said she never intended to start a relationship with Ian, and tried to fight the feelings she had for him.

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), it’s refreshing to see two exes who have remained civil since their split!In 2012, entertainment magazines claimed that Ian had proposed to Nina, and said she refused him.Hoping to dispel the rumors, Nina and Ian both spoke with to set the story straight. I’m really young.” She added, “I’m a career woman and a young, very driven woman and I’ve got a lot I have to accomplish before I settle down and have kids and do any of that.” Ian also laughed off the false story that he had been turned down by Nina. “If it were true, I would admit to it, ‘cause getting turned down builds character!She told 3 Nina’s comments didn’t do much to stop speculation about their relationship, however, especially since the two of them were spotted less than 2 months later on a trip to Paris.Not only were they in the most romantic city in the world, but they also brought along both of their mothers – a strong suggestion that the two of them were much more than friends.

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