Vatsim intimidating

It was a ton of fun to play the Sopwith Camel in there, although I probably spent more time crop dusting, lol Personally I have always longed for a civilian flight sim that had a mid-level of realism (ie not “arcade” flight but also not realistic) that would focus on the early biplane era and essentially exist in an open world of sorts where you take on a bunch of different missions as part of your newly formed airline company.

Sometimes you transport passengers, sometimes cargo, but it would be more of a sandbox than anything else.

I don’t have it on my current system, and haven’t felt like going through the hassle of getting installed and configured again. Despite spending tons of hours in various sims over the years, I’ve mostly just puttered about.

I had textures, meshes, weather and traffic sims, and a number of planes. Have there been any improvements made to the Steam version over what MS shipped? Never really got too serious about systems or procedures, and never graduated to airliners.

After joining their website they have an couple of pages devoted to introducing new members with a lot of advice on what to do before actually attempting a flight within their community.

My Dad who flies for Virtual British Airways but not with VATSIM, has given me a much more in-depth look at their requirements: These are pretty much basics I need to understand to fly with VATSIM and qualify to join The Virtual Navy or the VUSN.

Kind of like the X series but with biplanes : D I also remember the original MS Flight Simulator WWI mode…wasted many hours being terrible at that.

I will send out emails to various VA’s, so expect all three airports to be busy.

Discuss your favorite non pew pew flight simulations here. The downside is that it’s still probably a few years away from having a robust mod/payware selection. That doesn’t bother me, but some people have a different tolerance for it. I’ve played civi flight sims since Microsoft Flight Simulator on my C64 (I recorded my first landing on VHS for posterity! My favorite flight sim of all time was Flight Unlimited III.

I used to fly Flight Simulator X quite a bit, using to give me something to do. horribly dated now, of course, but back in the day it was way ahead of it’s time.

MSFS folks try the new versions, grumble about it, and then go back to MSFS.

There’s a few reasonable folks in the middle who like both. Personally, I don’t care for the scenery – unless you go crazy with satellite scenery add-ons it just looks a bit too surreal, and the lighting is always so muddy and dark. It’s relatively expensive (or REALLY expensive if you want to be super-by-the-book and feel likke you don’t qualify for the student edition).

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