Vtp not updating vlans leeds dating

■ Ensure that there is at least one server in the domain. ■ Upon initial configuration, the VTP server may have had a partial VLAN database, and it overwrote the existing, more complete, database on the existing switch.

VLANs were deleted individually at the VTP server, and those deletions will be propagated in the domain.

VLANs are created using the set vlan command for COS devices or with the vlan command in vlan database mode for IOS switches.

For Ethernet VLANs, you can also configure the standard parameters in Table 6-1.

In an earlier lesson I explained the basics of VTP (version 1 and 2).

VLANs are created by number, and there are two ranges of usable VLAN numbers (normal range 1–1000 and extended range 1025–4096).

Let’s see if we are able to synchronize some VLANs.

We’ll start with something simple: No problem at all! VTP version 3 is able to synchronize private VLAN information.

Many options are valid only for FDDI and Token Ring VLANs.

Some of the items configured deal with options, such as private VLANs, which are discussed in other sections in this book.

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