Warning signs of dating

It doesn’t matter that the entire connection is built on a web of lies.Hours-long text conversations, phone chats, and email exchanges all feed the catfish’s need for attention.It also could be the sign of someone you know in real life in disguise, or a professional con artist.Blogger Suzie the Single Dating Diva was randomly contacted by a “very attractive” man on Facebook who seemed to get too attached very quickly.

These warning signs do not mean a relationship will definitely turn violent.They are warning signs that you are likely to be in danger in the future.Take notice of the warning signs and protect yourself from dating violence.Meri Brown’s recent confession that she was tricked into a steamy digital affair with a woman masquerading as a man, catfishing is once again in the news.Brown isn’t the first—or last—celebrity or non-celebrity to be deceived into falling for someone who doesn’t exist in real life.

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