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In Paper Heart Yi meets up with a director, Nicholas Jasenovec, the films actual director, who’s played by the much more Hollywood-friendly actor Jake M. Along the way, Yi meets Michael Cera—the pretend version of himself—at a party where he creepily knows her name and scopes her out.At first Yi is completely turned off by Cera’s apparent interest in her but she slowly becomes smitten with Cera’s quirky clumsiness—throughout the film it’s hard to decipher who’s more anxious.The director Jasenovec cares for Yi and wants her relationship with Cera to work out, but insists on having every moment filmed.This constant eye places a substantial amount of pressure on the quirky couple.She has also acted in the 2007 TV short Sur le fil as Laurie Masset. According to Chinese Zodiac, Zoe was born in the Year of the Rabbit. Discover the net worth of Zoe Heran on Celebs View Zoe Heran height, weight & body stats Zoe Heran’s biography and horoscope. She has worked as a film actress in France like Lea Seydoux. People born in the Year of the Rabbit are popular because they're sincere and avoid conflict.

Alright, that last one may be a rumour I secretly want to be true.But she does represent a large bracket of girls who go largely underrepresented in film.She feels pressures from a variety of sources to look and act a certain way and to, of course, fall in love. Her apprehension to falling in love is another novel take on the classic love story. She’s simply a laid-back girl, unlike the sex-crazed husband-hunters we’re used to seeing in most romantic comedies.To call actress, musician and comedian Charlyne Yi awkward would be an understatement. But there’s no doubt Yi is a girl shrouded in mystery.You may vaguely recognize Yi from her stoner-girl performance in Knocked Up—she’s the type of girl that often gets overlooked, which makes her latest flick refreshing to watch. The quirky romantic pseudo-documentary—a largely unexplored genre—leaves the audience with just as many questions to Yi herself. Her Myspace page claims she’s 33, which highlights Yi’s complete and utter cluelessness or her brilliant publicist—the inaccurate reporting of Cera and Yi’s age difference had Internet discussion boards buzzing.

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