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Rycroft appeared on the 13th mature of The Bachelor as one of the 25 bachelorettes vying for the heart of The Bachelor, Jason Mesnick.Rycroft explained that she had taken pains to hide her condition from everyone except for Ava's generator, due to an disinclination at ever being "compared to Andrea Yates." Rycroft was adamant that she not be compared to Yates, and said the distinction between herself and "woman like Yates" was that Rycroft "never wanted to hurt her offspring." Rycroft further explained that in her depression, she fell a great "emptiness," and that "nothing was cause for contentment any longer." Rycroft fail further discussion on her PPD, and plainly explains she is in restoration."I knew on the night After the Final Rose [aired], I wasn't getting dumped. Being a woman, I got that feeling, because he just backed away from me, and I knew he had contacted her." "There had been at least one contact that I knew about, where he was 'checking on her,' and so it was just in the back of my mind.We had already ended the relationship and that was mutual." "I repeatedly asked Jason, 'Is Molly involved in anything? '" Even as Jason Mesnick initially denied he was dating Molly Malaney, Melissa Rycroft had a hunch something was going on with them. I would just casually ask, 'Are you talking to her? Tell me, just be honest.'" "He kept saying no," she said.However, a horrible development would quickly follow.Rycroft would later revealing in her memoirs that the televised breakup was immanely humiliating.

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It seemed that Melissa Rycroft had finally found her own fairly tale ending.

Melissa Katherine Rycroft-Strickland (born March 11, 1983 in Dallas) is a reality television contestant.

She participated as a bachelorette on the thirteenth season of ABC's The Bachelor, on the CMT reality TV series Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team and on the eighth and fifteenth seasons of ABC's Dancing with the Stars.

The show ended before their family expanded, but expand it did.

Melissa and Tye have a big family keeping them busy. Melissa posted the above Instagram, jokingly captioning it, "Party’s over...house is clean... Mom is passed out...#success." She constantly posts adorable snaps of her kids. I’m fighting with Ava to get dressed, Beckett insists on making his own breakfast and is spilling cereal all over the floor and Cayson needs to be fed. ""I've been thinking about writing a book for awhile now...

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