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Registered members also come from a wide range of careers.These work include pilots, dentists, nurses, doctors, and military personnel.Anyone who’s been on an online date knows surprises come with the territory. A year-old dating app called The Grade is trying to eliminate surprises and keep people honest.

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Of men who had previously texted their business to a woman they met online, 90% said they would not do so knowing they could get peer reviewed, according to Lerner.The Grade does sound somewhat similar to Peeple, the much-derided, still-unlaunched app pitching itself as a place to post Yelp-style reviews of, yes, people.But there’s one key difference, according to Lerner: There are no free-form reviews on The Grade.The letter grade takes into account everything from peer reviews, to how many people like your photo, to your spelling and grammar and how often you respond to messages.My grade is currently a B, but it’s been as high as an A-, and as low as an F.

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